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The Yes And Challenge

We live in a culture of "no." It doesn't have to be this way. Together we can reshape our world into a place of acceptance- fueled and inspired by improvisation and the golden rule of "yes, and."

About The Challenge

This challenge is pretty simple: spread the power of "Yes, And." 

We at UnScripted have designed unique, square "Yes, And" cards. On the front of each card is the phrase (you guessed it) "Yes, And." On the back of the card is the following:

"The original owner of this card was committed to changing that culture. They challenged themselves to recognize a moment where they typically would have come from a place of "no" but instead responded with acceptance; in the spirit of "yes, and." If you've been given this card, you were the beneficiary of one of those moments. Now it is your choice to continue to the cycle of "yes, and" or not. Do with this what you will."

As each card makes its way from person to person, our hope is two fold:

1) That a conversation begins, a human connection, that teaches one more person the power of "Yes, and."

2) That these cards, one exchange at a time, make their way to the ends of the earth in such a way that our world is changed for the better.





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