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A team of software managers celebrate one another at an UnScripted workshop

Team and Workplace Programs

UnScripted delivers experiential workshops grounded in applied improvisation to ignite leadership agility, storytelling prowess, innovation muscles, and cultural cohesion across your organization. Whether you seek to sharpen managerial skills, strengthen team collaboration, build presentation confidence or expand strategic mindsets, our corporate training programs leverage "Yes, And" principles to drive transformation through courageous human connection. We don't just teach new frameworks. We shape new outlooks on what's possible. Let us help author the next amazing chapter of collective growth for your company!

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Our Signature Programs

Meeting at office


Leading with Agility Training

(Executive Leadership Program)

3-month, 6-month or Accelerated Programs for directors, VPs, and C-Level leaders to embody fearless, quick-thinking leadership to drive more agile decision-making, empathetic listening, and motivational storytelling to help meet KPIs and deliver on OKRs


Creative Connection Workshop

(Team-Building and Innovation)

A unique team experience unleashing innovation and collaboration across departments and roles. Break down silos and activate trust through highly-interactive exercises focused on contribution, acceptance, valuable risks, collective trust and collaborative problem solving.


Engaged Performance Training

(Management and Communication Program)

Equips people managers at all levels with motivational coaching and storytelling techniques grounded in “Yes, and” thinking. Influence stakeholder alignment and compel audience action via the principles of applied improvisation

The UnScripted Difference

Our work disrupts traditional corporate training norms by leading with principles focused on realizing human potential over business technique training alone. We coach people to show up with radical authenticity first so that skills stick and mindsets shift.

By leveraging "Yes, and" thinking, embodiment practices and improvisational games refined over decades, we activate creative confidence, risk-taking and ingenuity baked into your company DNA no matter the industry. Teams optimize collaboration. Leaders drive with visionary agility. Change accelerates.

With humor and humility guiding the way, outmoded constructs dissolve allowing space for human workplace experiences. We lead with this radical acceptance and humanity because business outcomes flow from the inside out when individual spirits and passions are nourished. Lives transform; ROI follows.

What Our Clients Say

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Dr. Susan Dorfman, CEO CMI Media Group

"Thank you, UnScripted Productions for this ground-breaking team-building and skill sharpening workshops! There is nothing like having fun while also learning."


Base Workshop Fee

Starting from $2,000

  • Includes facilitation and a 90-minute interactive workshop (up to 20 participants)

  • reduced fee for non-profit organizations

Additional Costs

Additional Participants

  • scaled pricing based on increments of 5 additional participants

Materials and Supplies

  • customized to suit your workshop needs

Venue Rental

  • available for off-site workshops

  • tailored to your location and preferences

Typical Total Investment

Anticipated total investment typically falls between $2,000 and $6,000

Flexible and Customizable Options

At UnScripted Productions, we believe in transparent pricing. Our workshops start start with a base fee of $2,000 (we offered a reduced fee for non-profit organizations), covering expert facilitation for a powerful 90-minute session. To tailor your experience, additional costs such as venue rental, materials, additional participants and time, can be customized based on your unique requirements. 

Our clients typically find their total investment (for a one-time workshop) falling comfortably within the range of $2,000 and $6,000, allowing flexibility to meet specific needs. 

*Note that the listed pricing models are for one-time workshops. Our premium, recurring training programs scale similarly but are custom priced based on the duration of the training and specific needs of the organization.

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