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4 Improv Games to Build an UnScripted Mindset

It's time to say yes to your life.

The Impact of Improv

How exciting that you are here! Something about the idea of using improv to make the world a better place is resonating with you and that is awesome.

The UnScripted Mindset refers to a perspective and approach to the world that exists exclusively in the present. It is a mindset that allows for us, as humans, to respond to the world instead of obsessing over controlling it.

The UnScripted Mindset works through a practice/philosophy called "applied improvisation." It takes the best concepts of improv comedy and applies them to various aspects of life: work, relationships, parenting, spirituality, mindest, etc.

The UnScripted Mindset is also a new online, digital course launching in the new year. Built upon the ideals of applied improvisation, Will Dennis leads students through this course to help them unlock their potential through lessons, games/exercises and guided meditation. It is truly a course like no other.

The UnScripted Mindset Course


While the sort answer is: anybody, we are building the course with a specific focus. So, if you

- feel stuck or scattered

- are a leader at work struggling to build a cohesive team

- find yourself generally tired of the path your life has been on

- feel consumed by negativity

- feel unable to break out of the rut you are in

- struggle to communicate with your spouse or partner

- continuously lose your patience with your children

- are merely going through the motions at work


If any of this sounds like you, The UnScripted Mindset is waiting...


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