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In addition to our interactive corporate, team and organization workshops, you can also book UnScripted's owner, Will Dennis, for keynote speeches on the impact of improvisation on team cultures. See below for the most commonly requested keynote addresses from Will.

International Speaker Will Dennis is also an improviser, actor, writer, educator, fundraiser and certified professional coach. Will is the founder and owner of UnScripted Productions, Ltd., an improv/creativity studio in Newtown, PA. UnScripted provides corporate workshops and retreats on utilizing improvisation to grow lasting, effective teams and increase innovation and creativity. Will blends a unique combination of humor, compassion and self-deprecation to create instantly safe environments where people feel comfortable enough to surprise themselves with their own potential, creativity and humanity.

3 Most Requested Keynotes (Virtual & In-Person)

KEYNOTE #1: Using Improv to Improve Your Company’s Culture

What if you discovered that there was a two-word phrase that could absolutely revolutionize and reinvigorate the entire culture of your company/workplace/team, etc.? You’re in luck... In this session, attendees will learn:

• The secret, untapped value of a simple phrase: “yes, and”

• How to both participate and contribute to the overall success of an organization

• How to reverse a culture of negativity, selfishness and divisiveness into one of acceptance, innovation, ideation and creation

• How to increase productivity through empowerment and acceptance 

KEYNOTE #2: Using Improv to Build Fearless Teams


In improv (like in business), it is impossible succeed alone- as an individual. The only way to achieve any success is as a part of a team. In this session, attendees will learn:

• How to use the five tenets of improvisation to grow teams that:

      - Are built on an environment of trust

      - Support calculated risk-taking to maximize rewards

      - Celebrate one another’s successes

      - Approach mistakes as opportunities for future/greater success

• How to be a member of a team who:

      - Values team success over individual success

      - Takes chances to unlock possibilities

      - Contributes and builds upon others’ great ideas

      - Allows others to take positions on leadership when appropriate 

KEYNOTE #3: Applied Improvisation: You don’t need to be a performer to increase your performance


The same ideas, concepts and tenets that led to the fame and success of Tina Fey, Amy Poheler, Will Ferrell, Chris Farley, and so many others can transform the way YOU work, the way YOU lead and the way YOU measure success. In this session, attendees will learn to:

• Apply the methods, theories and core tenets of improvisation to various (non-performance) fields including but not limited to:

      - Sales

      - Marketing

      - Consulting

      - Law

      - Science

      - Journalism

      - Management

      - Law Enforcement

      - Facilitation

      - Teaching

      - Health Care

      - Accounting

      - Real Estate

• Introduce the concepts of improv in the conference room, board room, classroom, locker-room, workplace, etc. to plant the seeds of innovation, growth and creativity through their organization.

"Do it! Worth it and will help your organization in ways you did not even expect..made us more productive, focused and welcoming"

- John J. Schaefer, CEO & Founder,

Schaeflen Management L.L.C. Providers of Universal Dentistry


“Initially I didn’t know what improv was, I just knew that it involved some kind of public speaking,” she says. “When you do improv and come back to the corporate world, you realize how many small things you thought were important don’t matter...”

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"There's a misconception in business that you have to be 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time, whereas the truth is you have to be 100 percent correct about 10 percent of the time -- the rest of the time you have to just make decisions," said Kulhan...

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Financial Management

"Improv can be about finding ways to convey your story to non-finance colleagues in a way that makes sense to them, and to convince people that this is the best way

to go..." 

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"The results are compelling: Using improv can energize teams, surface breakthrough ideas, and enable learning from failure. But improv is more than just a way to co-create with colleagues; it can help leaders rethink how they manage and communicate in every interaction..."

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