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Personal Coaching

Will Dennis brings a unique blend of talents and experience to his coaching practice. An ICF-certified coach, educator, facilitator, and improvisation practitioner, Will guides clients to transformative growth through self-acceptance and trust.

With training in spiritual discernment and as a member of the Applied Improvisation Network, Will is skilled at deeply listening to clients, meeting them where they are, and discerning optimal paths forward. His style is fueled by acceptance, resilience, trust in the collective wisdom, and commitment to self-knowledge.

Through his study of spiritual discernment, Will guides clients to connect to their highest potential. And as an applied improviser, he brings creativity, spontaneity and an openness to any possibility.

Will partners with clients to unravel stored patterns, false assumptions, and outdated ways of thinking. Releasing old stories, clients become free to step into new visions for their lives and bring those possibilities into being.

Forest Road

Will's ideal clients

Will thrives working with those seeking meaningful growth and transformation. His ideal clients are ready to do the inner work needed to unravel limiting stories, assumptions and patterns that constrain them from living into their full potential.

They come with an openness to look inside themselves, a willingness to be vulnerable, and the courage to change. They have clarity on their desire for change and growth, even if the path to get there is not yet clear. 

While Will can partner with clients seeking transformation in many areas of life, he especially enjoys working with those going through life transitions, seeking discernment around purpose and vocation, looking to become more creative and adaptative leaders, or stepping more fully into their gifts in service of the greater good. Through his unique blend of experience, Will helps these clients discharge patterns of the past to step boldly into their brightest futures.

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