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Improvisation as team building

The IBM Center for Applied Insights identified the top three traits that stand out as critical for employees' future success: Creative. Collaborative. Communicative.

Develop all three of those traits by bringing improvisation into your workplace for your next retreat, team building or professional development.

Improvisation for Team Building is NOT:

- a power point presentation filled with excessive text

- employees telling jokes

- silliness for silliness' sake

- high stakes, pressure to perform

- being forced to be funny


Improvisation for Team Building IS:

- collaboratively creative

- safe and judgement free

- fun and unexpected

- better than trust falls and blindfolds

- a gamechanger



“Initially I didn’t know what improv was, I just knew that it involved some kind of public speaking,” she says. “When you do improv and come back to the corporate world, you realize how many small things you thought were important don’t matter...”

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"There's a misconception in business that you have to be 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time, whereas the truth is you have to be 100 percent correct about 10 percent of the time -- the rest of the time you have to just make decisions," said Kulhan...

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Financial Management

"Improv can be about finding ways to convey your story to non-finance colleagues in a way that makes sense to them, and to convince people that this is the best way

to go..." 

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"The results are compelling: Using improv can energize teams, surface breakthrough ideas, and enable learning from failure. But improv is more than just a way to co-create with colleagues; it can help leaders rethink how they manage and communicate in every interaction..."

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Recent Clients 

Universal Dentistry
Princeton Men's Water Polo Team
Seabrook Seus Group: Raymond James
"I loved working with Will at Unscripted Productions in developing and executing my client event for retirees. During the planning stages Will was accessible and creative and next steps oriented. And the night of the event he connected with both my needs as a host and the audience. I can't wait to work with Will and his wife on my next event."
SJP: Office of College Counseling
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