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Professional Coaching

After 15+ years cultivating deeper self-awareness and interpersonal mastery across thousands of workshop participants in organizations like Vanguard, Johnson & Johnson, Princeton University, BNY Mellon, CMI Media Group, etc. , Will Dennis has honed an extraordinarily effective approach to transformational coaching.

Blending emotional intelligence development, intuitive mindfulness techniques, and improvisational thinking frameworks, Will helps successful-yet-overwhelmed professionals unlock their full leadership potential.

As an ICF Professional Certified Coach and long-time facilitator sharpening inter- and intra-personal skills for global organizations, Will Dennis delivers truly unique coaching alchemy that unlocks the next level of performance.

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What You're Looking For

You are an established leader that feels constrained by conventional thinking. Perhaps you are an emerging leader who recognizes the value of social and emotional intelligence as you hone you craft and influence. Maybe you are a servant leader who recognizes the importance of selflessness and an outward focus in leading innovative, productive and visionary teams. Regardless of what kind of leader you are, there are likely a few things you are looking for in a coach:

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Expertise and Specialization

With over 15+ years experience, and ICF accreditation and specialization in the science of applied improvisation for personal and professional growth, not only do you get expertise and specialization with Will, you also get one-of-a-kind, visionary approach and tactics.


Track Record

With a list of collaborators that includes BNY Mellon, Vanguard, Johnson & Johnson, CMI Media Group, Princeton University and more, there is little doubt about Will's impact and record of success.


Compatibility and Style

There is nothing more important than finding a coach with whom you are compatible. There is no better way to do that than by booking a free consultation. While Will's style is casual, supportive, empathetic and humorous; that is definitely something worth find out for yourself.


Availability and Flexibility

You want a coach that is actually there and who recognized the unpredictable nature of life. This is one significant way where Will's foundation in applied improv shines through the most: present but adaptable.


Goal Alignment

Once you find someone with whom you are compatible, make sure they are able to identify your goals, respect your goals and find commonality in your goals. Full disclosure: if your goals don't fit with Will's values, he will respectfully recommend you work with someone more aligned with those goals.


Value and Cost

Coaching is an investment in yourself, to be sure, but it is still an investment nonetheless. You want to ensure they value matches the fee. When you meet with Will, be sure to ask him about mid-program evaluations and opt-outs to protect your investment.

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