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Elite Public Speaking

Exclusive Public Speaking and Presentation Class for Professionals

This class is limited to 8 participants to ensure value and impact. 


Elite Public Speaking: Mastery for Top Professionals

Ditch the Podium. Command the Room.


Unlock your full potential with this exclusive public speaking training program meticulously designed for driven business professionals, emerging leaders, and executives. This transformative course offers an unparalleled opportunity to master the art of persuasive communication and captivating audience engagement through the principles of improvisation and storytelling.

With a limited enrollment of just 8 participants, you'll benefit from personalized coaching, including 2 one-on-one sessions and 3 intensive in-person workshops led by Will Dennis- master facilitator and accomplished presenter. Discover the secrets to commanding any stage with confidence, unleashing your authentic voice, and delivering impactful presentations that resonate.

Say goodbye to mundane data dumping and hello to the power of compelling storytelling. Learn how to craft engaging narratives that capture attention and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you're pitching to investors, addressing conferences, or leading corporate meetings, this executive public speaking course will equip you with the skills to communicate with authority and influence.

"I've earned my PhD. I've had a lot of teachers in my life. Will Dennis is, without a doubt, the best teacher I have ever had." - Alexandra Okun

Invest in your professional growth and secure a competitive edge with this prestigious executive communication program. 

Total investment is $850 and 8+ hours.


Facilitated by Will Dennis,
President, UnScripted Productions

Will Dennis is a skilled speaker, experienced improviser, master teacher, and innovative certified coach. 


As founder and president of UnScripted Productions, a company that specializes in harnessing the transformative power of applied improvisation to drive team building, communication, problem-solving, and innovation, Will has presented to thousands and facilitated workshops for Princeton University, Vanguard, Janssen Johnson and Johnson, GenMab, CMI Media and more, Will has used unique and innovative techniques to enhance confidence, creativity, charisma, and communication. 

Course Structure and Value


week 01.

April 25 (7pm-9pm)

2 hr in-person group session

week 02.

April 26-May 9

virtual one-on-one sessions

week 03.

May 9 (7pm-9pm)

2 hr in-person group session

week 04.

May 10-May 22

virtual one-on-one sessions

week 05.

May 23 (7pm-9pm)

final 2 hr in-person group session



Elite Public Speaking Mastery for Top Professionals

  • Personalized coaching with 2 one-on-one sessions

  • 3 intensive workshops led by renowned instructors

  • Exclusive cohort limited to 8 participants only

“I am a lifelong communicator, an award-winning media producer and public speaker, and comfortable with my platform skills, and yet this class still took my abilities to a new level."

Pat Rocchi

Leadership Presentation

I'd like to be part of this cohort!

You've made the decision to enhance your career through confidence, charismatic and creative public speaking. Amazing! 

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