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At UnScripted Productions, we've always known that there is something different about us; something that sets us apart. Compassion and skill. It is so humbling to hear you recognize those same things. 

UnScripted is the place you are looking for!

"Will has been working with my daughter for several months and we couldn't be happier!  He makes my daughter feel completely at ease during their coaching sessions.  She's really able to move out of her comfort zone (which is what is sometimes required in acting and improv) and is able to focus on growing as an actor!  She gets into the car after every session and is excited about all she's learned and looks forward to the next session.  If you are looking for a great acting/drama coach....and an even better human being...Will is your guy and Unscripted Productions is the place you are looking for!"

- Maureen McKenna, Parent

High School Sophomore

UnScripted Productions For. The. Win.

"I enlisted Will Dennis & UnScripted Productions as a fun way to help students prepare for their college interviews. The hope was that students could learn, in a humorous and non threatening way, how to walk into an interview and be able to articulate their strengths, think and speak on the fly, while being confident that they could recover from a misstep. Result - HOMERUN! The students were engaged, laughing, and received amazing feedback from their interviewers! UnScripted Prod For. The. Win!"

- Aaron Jones, Director of College Counseling

St. Joseph's Preparatory School

The real deal.

Will is the real deal.  He is talented in many ways and he is a genuinely good person.  One of the "rules" of improv is to make the other person/people look good.  Will does that with everyone in the class.  (I just took his first improv class).  The other rules of improv (google them!) are rules to live by and I applaud Will in his work of spreading these positive approaches to life through improv.  I hope to continue to learn from him.

- Marilyn Lambert, Psychotherapist

Authenticity, spark and smile that ring true...

"I have enjoyed two classes with Will, Story Telling and Intro to Improv. He is wonderful. Will has a unique way of meeting you where you are and moving forward with you. Yes and he does it with an authenticity, spark and smile that ring true and touch and connect all of us as we are.  Ah, it is fun to be with him and experience his gifts and talent. Take the opportunity!!"

- Suzy Moore, Attorney

Took my abilities to a new level.

"I am a lifelong communicator, an award-winning media producer and public speaker, and comfortable with my platform skills, and yet this class still took my abilities to a new level."

- Pat Rocchi, Professional communicator, speaker, author

Well more than I bargained for.

"I came out with well more than I bargained for. Anyone who winds up with Will Dennis as a teacher is very lucky indeed. He is a skilled, thoughtful and generous teacher. I especially appreciate the way that Will shows the impact the principles of improv like acceptance and teamwork can have in your everyday life, as well as onstage. I look forward to continuing my education with Unscripted Productions!"

- Jack McDermott, Manager, Learning and Development

Verizon Enterprises

Accessible and creative and next-steps oriented.

"I loved working with Will at Unscripted Productions in developing and executing my client event for retirees. During the planning stages Will was accessible and creative and next steps oriented. And the night of the event he connected with both my needs as a host and the audience. I can't wait to work with Will and his wife on my next event."

- Hilary Seabrook, Vice President- Investments

Raymond James

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