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Welcome to UnScripted Productions

Welcome to UnScripted Productions, Bucks County's only improv studio. Whether you're interested in trying an improv class for the first time or you're a company looking for an incredible team building or skill workshop, you'll feel at home with UnScripted.

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YOUR home for all things IMPROV

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Dr. Susan Dorfman, President at CMI Media

"Ground-breaking team building and skill-sharpening session"

Liz Costa, Human Resources at Stephano Slack

“UnScripted helped to break down walls between managers and open them up to methods of improved collaboration and communication. Will was FANTASTIC to work with and truly helped all participants understand the business applications of the activities.”

Linda Rooney, Owner at Dandelion Marketing

"Improv is very much like real life and is kind of a 'must have' course for good communication."

Kathy Disque, Improv Student

"This class was so much more than anticipated. Through thoughtful and organized planning, the instructor, Will, put everybody at ease and gave us all confidence. Although he was prepared and in charge of what was happening, he gave us all the feeling that it was our input -- our partnership -- that made the outcome successful. It was also an immense amount of fun with the group laughter becoming contagious."

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