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Where innovation meets opportunity

Professional Development

Businesses, organizations, schools, and teams of all kinds trust UnScripted to revolutionize the way they produce. You can be a part of that revolution, too.

The Studio

Our five-star rated classes are available to individuals from 8 to 80 who seek to become better versions of themselves.

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Will Dennis

The architect behind UnScripted, owner and president, Will Dennis is an expert in applied improvisation and brings his wisdom and experience to communities, groups, and teams across the globe. You can bring Will in to speak at your next event, team meeting, conference, etc.

Stay connected and in the know

The Story of UnScripted

The value of "yes, and"

UnScripted Productions is founded on the principles of applied improvisation, specifically for the purposes of personal and professional growth. We leverage acceptance, collective trust, communication tactics, responsible risk-taking, and gratitude to reimage what is possible. By breaking open the core tenets of improvisation, we help individuals and teams understand the unbridled potential of an "Unscripted Mindset."

Our cutting-edge team dynamics workshops have been trusted by Vanguard, BNY Mellon, Princeton University, high schools across the country, and more. 

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

"This is a business class disguised as fun! The lessons gleaned from these workshops are valuable, applicable and insightful. Feedback from the team commented on just how much was woven in and can be put to use in their professional and personal life."

Lauren Sheehan, CEO


I took two classes, and they were both fantastic. Not only was it a lot of FUN, but the sense of community, of being part of something playful and in-the-moment is priceless. The instruction was skillful and kind. Just great all around.

Laura Loewen,


"Thank you, UnScripted Productions for this ground-breaking team-building and skill sharpening workshops! There is nothing like having fun while also learning."

Dr. Susan Dorfman, CEO
CMI Media Group

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