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Welcome to UnScripted Productions, the intersection of improv and life.

Whether you're interested in trying an improv class for the first time or a company or organization looking for an incredible team-building or professional development experience, you've found the right place and we're glad you're here.

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Dr. Susan Dorfman, 

CEO, CMI Media Group

"Thank you, UnScripted Productions for this ground-breaking team-building and skill sharpening workshops! There is nothing like having fun while also learning."

Stephanie Elliot,

Talent Development Manager, TW Metals

"If you are looking for a fun, engaging, but also valuable experience for a corporate leadership group, Will and Unscripted will blow your expectations out of the water."

Lauren Sheehan,

CEO, SofterWare, Inc

"This is a business class disguised as fun! The lessons gleaned from these workshops are valuable, applicable and insightful. Feedback from the team commented on just how much was woven in and can be put to use in their professional and personal life."

Kathy Disque,

Improv School Student

"This class was so much more than anticipated. Through thoughtful and organized planning, the instructor, Will, put everybody at ease and gave us all confidence. Although he was prepared and in charge of what was happening, he gave us all the feeling that it was our input -- our partnership -- that made the outcome successful."

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