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Our Story

UnScripted Productions was founded in 2018 by Will Dennis, an applied improvisation specialist. The company's foundation and core values are reflective of the principles of improvisation. Namely: acceptance, contribution, gratitude, selflessness, collective trust, and responsible risk taking. 

As an applied improvisation company, our impact is far reaching. In addition to classes and performances, Unscripted is also collaborates in less typical spaces: board rooms, workplaces, classrooms, locker rooms, churches, and more. 

At UnScripted, improv is more than just comedy. It is more than just games. 

At UnScripted, improv is everything and everything is improv. We believe, without reservation, the improv holds the key to making the world, and those in it, infinitely better. 

Will Dennis is the architect behind UnScripted Productions. As an experienced improviser, master teacher, certified mindset coach, and entrepreneur, Will brings a unique diverse perspective to the business of improv. 

Will has facilitated workshops for thousands of people including teams at Vanguard, BNY Mellon, CMI Media Group, Princeton University, Johnson & Johnson, Pearson, and more. 

Will leads the professional development arm of UnScripted. His passion is helping people explore their personal a professional growth through the vehicle of improvisation. This passion has led to meaningful work in the following areas:

  • improving team dynamics in corporations and organizations

  • empowering educators to cultivate growth mindsets and environments supportive of social and emotional learning

  • exploring faith and spirituality through improv

  • leveraging improv for business ethics

  • and so much more


Matt Pozzuolo

Lead Teaching Artist

Matt is our resident long-form guru. Matt has performed and studied at the country's best improv theaters/companies including iO, Second City, UCB, Caveat, PIT, Comedy Sportz and more.

Bryan McKenna

Lead Teaching Artist

Bryan specialize in our Level 1 and 2 short form classes. His decades long experience as a teacher allows him to create safe spaces quickly and welcome students with compassion and acceptance. 

Our Team

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