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Team Building Workshops

Serving the greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks and Hunterdon counties

High-performing teams are built on a foundation of trust and communication. Let Unscripted help your team create the conditions for success. We have specialized programs for corporate teams, educators, sports teams, and non-profit/mission-based teams.


Corporate Team Building

Unlock your team's full potential with Unscripted Productions' innovative team dynamics workshops. Our interactive sessions help corporate teams overcome common challenges such as ineffective communication, lack of trust, stifled creativity, and an inability to adapt to change. Your team will develop crucial skills for active listening, psychological safety, out-of-the-box thinking, and resilience – fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely and solutions emerge organically.

All of our workshops are custom-built. We'll work closely with you to understand your organization's unique dynamics and desired outcomes to ensure meaningful growth and lasting impact. 

Custom workshops start at $2,500

Warm up improv exercise at DonorPerfect
Warm up improv exercise at DonorPerfect
Team from Knoxville get into improv

Educator Team Building and Professional Development

Unlock the potential of your staff and elevate the educational experience with Unscripted Productions' transformative "Unscripted Educators" program for professional development. Our dynamic, interactive sessions equip educators with essential mindsets and skills – fostering growth mindsets, nurturing social-emotional competencies, and cultivating creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration abilities. Through immersive improvisational exercises, your teachers will embrace challenges, think outside the box, and develop the vital tools to inspire and engage students in inclusive learning environments. Invest in your educators' growth and witness the profound impact on your entire school community.

Pricing options vary for educator workshops

Non-profit & Mission Based Team Building

Non-profits and mission-driven organizations, unlock your team's full potential and amplify your impact with Unscripted Productions' transformative improv workshops. Our dynamic, interactive sessions equip your staff and volunteers with essential skills to navigate the unique challenges you face – fostering resilience, enhancing communication, nurturing creativity, and cultivating a collaborative mindset. Through immersive improvisational exercises, your team will develop the ability to think on their feet, embrace change, build trust, and work seamlessly together towards your shared vision. Invest in your team's growth, and witness how these vital skills can elevate your organization's ability to drive meaningful change and make a lasting difference in the communities you serve.

Custom workshops for non-profits start at $1,800

Will leading teacher professional develpment

Client Stories

For UnScripted, there is nothing more important than the client experience. The best way we can deliver that experience at the level of excellence we demand of ourselves is by listening. From time of booking to day of workshop, it is a non-negotiable part of our process to meet with our clients regularly to ensure their desired outcomes are reflected in the program we build. 

Client: SofterWare/Donor Perfect

Donor Perfect and parent company, SofterWare work with non-profit clients to help streamline and simplify their philanthropic efforts. They provide consultation, tech support, and software to take the stress out of non-profit fundraising.



SofterWare's leadership approach UnScripted about facilitating a team dynamics and skill building workshop for their leadership team. The workshop was so successful, they brought UnScripted back a few months later to work with their entire company.

Industry: Software/


This isn't the exception, it is the norm for UnScripted. We take what we do seriously enough to be silly. And it shows. Our workshops allow team to have serious fun while learning real, deep, and lasting skills and mindsets. 

Client: TW Metals

TW Metals, based in Exton, PA, provides specialty metals leadership and supply chain innovation. Their core values are integrity, respect for the individual, commitment, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Year: 2023

UnScripted's work with TW Metals is our favorite example of innovation. What started as merely event entertainment for their new Leadership Academy, evolved into our first true hybrid event. Through multiple meetings and conversations, we discovered the opportunity to blend a performance and worshops to meet the needs of TW Metals.

Industry: Manufacturing

The hybrid event resulted in a grand-slam event. Attendees were able to sit back and laugh after a long day of leadership training but also left with a hands-on, interactive learning experience. This also marked the first time that a company asked to tip our team members beyond the agreed upon fee because of the exceeded expectations and high level of satisfaction.


You likely have questions. Some of those questions are shared by others and some are unique. Check out a list of frequently asked questions here but if you don't find an answer, please contact us with your specific question so that we can better serve you.

How can improv facilitate team building?

Improv helps build a culture of psychological safety, in which team members feel free to take risks, contribute ideas, and make mistakes without retribution. As stated in Harvard Business Review, psychological safety can lead to increased motivation, better decision making, and an environment of continuous improvement.

What can we expect from an improv workshop for team building?

Before the workshop, we’ll work with you to identify your goals for the workshop. Maybe you want to troubleshoot difficult team dynamics, get folks primed for a new project, or inject some new energy into a well-established team. We’ll customize our program based on your priorities.

From there, we will design and facilitate a workshop that utilizes warm-ups, exercises, and games to cultivate learning, application, reflection, and fun allowing for a low-stress, high-engagement experience with lasting impact. 

What if we aren't funny?

Don’t worry about it! Believe it or not, the goal of improv isn’t to be hilarious, it’s to work together as a team to find solutions to novel problems and conditions. If something is funny, it’s often just a happy side effect of implementing the improv basics in a creative way.

What if some of our team members are scared to try improv?

Our professional workshops are structured to create a “safe space” for everyone to explore, experiment, and connect without the pressure of working toward a performance. Plus, our facilitators are pros at helping everyone feel confident and comfortable. In fact, many of our workshop participants tell us that our workshops helped them alleviate long-standing fears around public speaking and presenting.

How much does it cost?

While the pricing of our workshops will vary depending upon goals, number of participants, length of workshop, and travel involved, most of our client anticipate spending between $2,500 and $6,000.

How long is a workshop?

For a one-time team building workshop, we reference the "sweet spot" being no less than 90 minutes and no more than 3 hours. For a full-day, retreat-style workshop, we typically book 4-6 hours.

Can we customize the workshop?

Yes! We actually insist on it. We have never done the same workshop twice. Leading up to a workshop we will work with you to make sure we are hearing and understanding your goals and needs. We will then build a custom workshop agenda to share with you. From there, we will continue to collaborate and make edits based on your insights and desired outcomes. 

What kind of space do we need?

This will vary based on your team. While a larger space is required for larger groups, our recommendation is to have enough space to so that if we were in a circle, everyone could make unobstructed eye contact. The possibility for break-out spaces is a bonus for larger groups.  

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