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Will in blue sweater

Will Dennis:
Catalyst for Purposeful Presence

Will Dennis is on a mission to unleash human potential through the science-backed art of applied improvisation. As the founder of UnScripted Productions, he skillfully harnesses improv as a catalyst for teams and individuals to cultivate radical self-acceptance, trust, authentic listening and creative problem-solving.

An unconventional yet highly-effective facilitator, Will's approach disrupts conventional skills training. His "human-first" philosophy guides participants to embody improv's core tenets as pathways to becoming better versions of themselves - kinder, more collaborative, grounded in presence. 

From Fortune 500 companies like Vanguard and Johnson & Johnson, to institutions like Princeton University and non-profits, Will has facilitated  workshops and experiences for thousands of people. Teams emerge with more than just professional development - they unlock new levels of connection, resilience and creative flow.

At the heart of Will's work is a profound respect for human dignity and belief in our inherent brilliance. Through authenticity and self-deprecation, he quickly creates environments of psychological safety where vulnerability is possible. Mistakes are reframed as opportunities, while selflessness and surrender open doorways to collective trust. As Will says in his workshops, "bring a brick... we'll build the cathedral together."

In addition to his work with corporations, Will continues to be a pioneering voice for developing growth mindsets and fostering social-emotional learning in education through applied improvisation. He also sees immense potential for enriching spirituality and faith communities by catalyzing "purposeful presence" - a state of joyful grounding in the present and deep sense of connection to one's authentic self.

Whether delivering impactful workshops, speaking engagements or one-on-one coaching, Will Dennis is a master guide for unlocking the highest human potential in individuals and teams. His work is an inspiring call to collectively flourish through play, self-discovery, and love.

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