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Unscripted Educators

​A new approach to professional development for educators in a modern world.

Team playing some Late for Class

What We Do

Unscripted Educators offers cutting edge, transformative experiences that integrate growth mindset, social-emotional learning, and the principles of applied improvisation. Our mission is to leverage the research and science backed principles of applied improvisation to empower educators to cultivate resilience, adaptability, creativity and an inclusive growth mindset that inspires students to unlock their full potential. 

Our innovative professional development workshops provide immersive training and practical resources that empower educators and institutions to:

  • Develop resilience, adaptability, and creative problem-solving skills

  • Foster inclusive environments that celebrate diversity

  • Strengthen emotional intelligence, empathy, and communication

  • Embody character values and core competencies like compassion, forgiveness, self-knowledge, and servant leadership


Through interactive exercises, personal reflection, and experiential learning, educators gain profound personal growth while developing strategies to integrate improv principles into their philosophy and practices.

Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset believe in possibility. They believe that through effort, mistakes, resilience, and routine, they can improve themselves and their basic skills. Those with a growth mindset embrace challenges and have a love for learning. Unscripted Educators harness the power of applied improvisation to empower educators to nurture their own growth mindsets and facilitate the development of students' growth mindsets. Through practical, reproduceable resources, educators and eduducational leaders can build growth mindset communities within their school buildings and classrooms.

Social Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning is an educational method that aims to foster social and emotional skills within school curricula; not outside of it and not in place of it. At Unscripted Educators, we use applied improvisation to allow educators and educational leaders an opportunity to experience the core competencies of SEL and provide the resources for them to cultivate SEL-friendly environments within their own classrooms.

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