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Be a Part of Your Own Story

A New Online Course Using Applied Improvisation for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth.

A Course Unlike Any Other

The structure

There's simply no other course like this one

The UnScripted Mindset doesn't only focus on learning, it brings in contemplation and practical action steps to keep you moving forward toward your UnScripted self. Each module includes:

  • A video introducing that module's principle, concepts and application

  • A guided mindset mediation (audio) focused on that modules themes

  • A reflection or creation assignment

  • Introduction to an improv exercise that can be a resource for application

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Presented by Will Dennis,
Founder & President at UnScripted Productions, Ltd.

The instructor

Meet Will Dennis. He's on a mission to empower growth and transform the way we embrace life's opportunities. With a unique blend of experience as an improv guru, world religions teacher, business owner, certified coach, and captivating speaker, Will is like a Swiss Army knife of empowerment.

Imagine a journey where Jesuit spirituality meets applied improvisation, creating a space for individuals and teams to thrive. Over the years, Will has had the privilege of collaborating with distinguished clients including Vanguard, Janssen Johnson & Johnson, CMI Media Group, GenMab, Princeton University, Pearson, and RSM US.

Through workshops, speaking engagements, and coaching, he is dedicated to helping you uncover your potential, foster connections, and lead with resilience. Rooted in strategic insights, backed by science and research, and steeped in a commitment to growth, Will's approach combines expertise with a passion for cultivating safe and impactful environments.

With the UnScripted Mindset, you will embark on a journey of empowerment, navigating uncharted territories with confidence and embracing the endless possibilities life presents.


It's time to experience a life unscripted. 

In this course we will cover

Something for Everyone

There are three unique ways for your to engage with The UnScripted Mindset:


UnScripted Essentials

Dive into the core principles of the UnScripted Mindset. Gain access to our comprehensive online course, filled with engaging lessons, guided meditations, and actionable assignments that will redefine your perspective. It's time to step into a brighter, unscripted future.


UnScripted Community

Join our burgeoning UnScripted online community and elevate your growth journey with access to one of the live UnScripted Mindset webinars with Q & A. Immerse yourself in a supportive network of like-minded individuals and engage in a real-time session as you re-script your narrative.


UnScripted Total Transformation

Experience the pinnacle of personal growth with Tier 4. Gain the UnScripted Mindset course, immerse yourself in the vibrant community, attend live webinars, and  gain exclusive, personal access with personalized 1:1 session with Will. 

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