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Coaching for Personal Growth and Collective Transformation

A certified coach fueled by acceptance, resiliency, and self-knowledge.

Will Dennis, one of the most innovative, visionary, and dynamic coaches is accepting new clients. Whether you are looking for personal coaching to gain skills and mindset shifts or you are an emerging servant leader committed to selfless leadership and empowerment, Will can help you revolutionize the way you see the world. 


Wait! Don't Work With a Coach

Truly, coaching is not for everyone (it's why we recommend a free consultation). In fact, we aren't really fans of the word "coach" to begin with. More than that, we are even a little suspicious of coaching as a concept and an industry. What makes someone a coach? Can't anyone claim to be a coach? What is it even? Why should you invest in something you don't even understand. We get it. There are plenty of "coaches" out there that will try to sell you a "system" or a magic solution; a one-size-fits-all program to solve all of your problems. We won't. Here's the truth, our recommendation is that you DO NOT invest in a coach. Our recommendation is that you invest in Will Dennis. 

Beth Zarret, Test Developer, ETS

"I have noticed that more and more often I approach my life with a “yes, and” attitude. This has greatly impacted my professional life, opening up opportunities I never expected, and enabling me to move out of my comfort zone and assume leadership roles."

No quick fix, no magic program, no gimmicks. Instead, with Will, you'll get a coach who'll listen first. His approach is informed by the Ignatian ideal of "meeting people where they are." Like improv, no two session with Will are ever the same. Will builds his work and programs around YOU and where YOU are in your life in each moment. Will is guided by some core principles: radical acceptance and contribution, making others look good, authentic gratitude, reframing mistakes as opportunities, trust. So, if you're struggling with any of the following and want someone authentic to work through them with you, consider Will.

Endlessly searching for what you're "supposed to do" with your life.

"I feel lost and unsure about where I'm headed in life or my career. I always thought I'd know by now what my "calling" would be. I need help finding meaningful direction."

Lack of motivation and accountability.

"I keep procrastinating and losing sight of my goals. I'm constantly finding other, unnecessary things to prioritize to avoid doing what I really want/need to do. I need someone to keep me on track and motivated."

Feeling like your living someone else's version of your life. 

"I'm no longer even sure what I, myself, want. I feel like I have been constantly making decisions based on what the people around me want or my attempt to fulfill their image of my life. I need to reclaim my own space."

Feeling stuck being a leader you never wanted to be.

"There are days I don't recognize myself because I am falling into reactionary, close-minded leadership styles instead of what drove my passion for leading people in the first place."

If any of this resonates, book your free consultation today.


Will Dennis

Will Dennis is a certified professional coach and applied improv specialist empowering purpose-driven individuals and leaders. Blending 15+ years of social intelligence training with intuitive mindset techniques and improvisational thinking frameworks, Will enables individuals and professionals to access authenticity, confidence, and agility to thrive amid complexity.

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Will's Approach

Coach. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Improviser. Facilitator. 

Over the course of his life and career, Will has honed his unique composite of skills in a way that serves everyone with whom he works. From individuals looking to find deeper meaning in their day-to-day and their relationships to emerging and established servant leaders looking to empower themselves and their teams on the way to purpose-driven success and impact, Will focuses on cultivating the uniquely human talents of each individual client.

Driven, in part, by the Ignatian ideal of "cura personalis," or care for the person, Will's approach is not one-size-fits-all, formulaic, quick-fix solution-based. Rather, Will's approach is centered around truth: who are you at your core? And how do you fit into a global community?

Will's Values

In searching for a meaningful partnership for something as important as coaching, it is imperative to find someone whose values align with your own. As a coach, Will is selective in only working with clients whose values align with his:

  • all human beings have dignity by the nature of being alive

  • acceptance (which is different than agreement)

  • integrity

  • gratitude

  • contribution

  • selflessness

  • resiliency

  • courage

  • compassion

How it works: 4 steps


Schedule an intake call.


Get a custom Way of Proceeding report.


Choose a Package or Program.



No one said you have to do this alone.

Bear with me.

There is an episode of the West Wing that has always stuck with me (S4. Ep3). In it, Toby strikes up a conversation with a guy , Matt Kelly, at the bar. He's looking at colleges with his oldest daughter. Here is the part of what he says that continues to resonate with me to this day.


"It should be hard. I like that it's hard... but it should be easier. Just a little bit easier. Because in that difference is... is everything."


Life isn't always going to be easy and there is value in the challenges, the obstacles, the set-backs. Those are the moments of growth. But, as Matt Kelly conveys, it can be an absolute difference maker when things are just a little bit easier. 


My intention it to help make things just a little easier for you through authentic listening, self-discovery, discernment, acceptance, boldness, and compassion.

Mindset Coaching Services

Will offers services for both professional clients (managers, executives, leadership teams, etc.) and personal clients. To work with Will, clients must have a willingness to grow, an openness to new perspectives, and a respect for the dignity of all human beings. Choice "Personal" or "Professional" below to learn more. 

Therapy Closeup

For individuals seeking personal growth and development in their lives (at home, at work, in relationships, etc.)

Business Meeting

For business leaders and emerging leaders looking to grow their skillset specifically around social and emotional intelligence and effective team dynamics.


If you'd like to collaborate and your values align with Will's but you still have questions, reach out.


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